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  1. Arry
    Arry says:

    para mi lo más importante es la absorción ya que no le cambio el pañal en toda la noche. y el precio, claro!! es por eso que uso los del lidri!glac!as por el sorteo!!

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    Very interesting posts on the topic, I was more curious about the web-native bridge from Part2, specifically how do you maintain and pass state (JSON) between the two, if you can share a fleshed out example or reusable code that would be great!.thanks,Imran

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    La cosa più triste è che qualsiasi teoria strampalata venga pubblicata, troverà sempre una serie di adepti e di "esperti" pronti a sostenerla. E questo è ovviamente lo specchio dei tempi, con Voyager e il GF considerate trasmissioni culto da più di un terzo della popolazione.

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    And yet in another case, People, and only People, marked a Hillshire Farms ad with “Advertisement,” despite that it looked as much like an advertisement as most other half-page ads. You’d think a magazine that was so oddly picky about the Hillshire Farms ad would’ve caught this one.

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    Cheer up, Mark. Think how much more disappointing it is for me that Markan priority is so often taken as fact! Priority of a Semitic Matthew, not translated into Greek Matthew until after Mark and Luke come out, is unacceptable largely because it explains all those Markan "hard readings" that indicate the writer of Mark, in Rome, was flagrantly anti-Semitic.

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    Goldie, if you approve so highly of standardization, I recommend that you adhere to the standards of capitalization. I’m not just trying to be a « grammar communist », although if called that I supposed I’d say that the shoe fits. Your posts are a drag to read for only superficial reasons, and I believe your message is worthy of better presentation.(And I’m quite certain the author of the poem is none other than Mencius Moldbug, an experienced computer programmer, language designer, and political reactionary.)

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    Sore losers….How many hundred failures in a row using the same fallacious musings is it going to take before birthers start to consider the possibility they might just be wrong?If birthers are so much smarter than every judge, Constitutional expert, and Official in the entire country…. why aren't you running the country instead of driving taxi and waiting tables?

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    Those 'implicit' associations are made because of social reality. Blacks commit more crime.Are you sure? I know the score regarding race, and I've come out perfectly neutral both times I took the IAT. Has anyone compared IAT scores with the test-takers' knowledge of "social reality"? I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it *is* instinctual aversion or "prejudice".

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    LaurenI’m trying it right now with the homebrand cake mixes and milo, the red velvet layer is in the oven now and turning out to be a very lush red 😀 (it always comes out too maroon for me, probably because I add too much chocolate lol) The milo does work really well because the mixture was still quite pale. I’ve never used Fondant icing before so I’m a little scared! I’m already having a great time making it, I love making sweets! Thank you for the tutorial :3

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    Colin: Well, yes, that was sort of my point. Not only that, you’ve got people dying because of corruption, war, oppression, etc. – preventable things – everywhere. If communism gets the blame for everything bad that happens in communist countries, then surely capitalism must be to blame for everything bad that happens in capitalist countries, no?

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    Dont really want to put anyone down, but the old saying “Too many cooks in the kitchen” They should have just listened to the Chef (the woman). LOL I think she could have done just fine if left alone and did what came natural to her to do…just my opinion. I think it could have been one of those good thick cheese squeezes….maybe next time…???

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    regarding the value of the Ambit over Garmin. I am a long-time Garmin user, and still use the 610 and FR60 (indoors), but when I needed real-time accurate altitude and navigation(yes a wearable outdoor GPS), the current crop of Garmins did not cut it. The Fenix looks interesting but was not available (or on the radar) in April. Whether the Ambit is worth $100+ over competitors, I don’t know. I got a good discount, but it was the only option, it works, and it was not entirely outrageous in cost.

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    luckily the friend i dined with has no qualms about demanding stuff, hes from HK too so he was all “bring us the pre theatre menu” and he stalked off to get it. No I thought the taste of the food was well…mmm..someone was “experimenting” you know? and the snail dish: what was with all the peanuts? it was like satay sauce…although my photos do look very nice. hehe.

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